xtati.com haus nummer 6 affair


This is "Haus Nummer 6 Affair", a xtati.com gig, a project (you may call it competition or time-killer) for those interested in design, typography, illustration and/or any other visual art.

Haus Nummer 6 exists. My guess is, there is a Haus Nummer 6 in every town or city and almost on every street. There is also one on my street and — guess what — I live in it. The thing is it is remarkably dull outside and inside. So one day I thought, I could cheer it up a bit, at least inside, on the stairway. I have even done some sketches. But as the work normally consumes all the time, I was never ready enough to come back to them.

So I've thought, that it could be fun to call a kind of competition again, an affair kind of thing — the grid contest was quite fun after all. Let's see if it works out this time.

Oh, one more thing. Why is all this text written in English? I really don't have time to translate it into local German or my native Russian. Moreover, I believe English might be the only language spoken almost everywhere in this world by at least one person per city. And I swear — there are more than one who speak English in Haus Nummer 6.