xtati.com haus nummer 6 affair

So, there are some simple rules to follow and even something to win.

Why the rules? Because I cannot nail just anything on the walls. I haven't even talked to my Landlady yet. But I hope the word "international" will do the trick...

Everything is pretty simple.

  1. Anyone can take part.
  2. The idea behind the contest is to produce an artwork, which, in the case of being chosen out of all the submissions, will be hung out on the walls of the stairway of the Haus Nummer 6. It is a real house.
    • There are no restrictions concerning the format, but I would still recommend you (you'll see later why) to stay in A4 dimmensions, landscape or portrait oriented.
      NB: Please send in only jpgs or gifs not larger than 600 pixels (any axis).
    • All artwork submitted will be seen as copyrighted to the person submitted. So, please, no ripping off.
    • Please mind, that in case your artwork wins or is chosen as a finalist, I will kindly ask you to send a high-resolution file to be reproduced as a printed matter. So think pdf or eps.
    • No, I am not going to sell it, use it without your permission, except for the purposes of this project, rent it out, publish it under my name, etc. I respect copyright so far.
  3. Participants are free in choosing a motive they want to present, be it The Haus self, people dwelling in it or any other concept. Sex and drugs are good to address, but probably in some other project. Also please mind, no offensive language, no offensive imagery.
  4. There is a prize and two categories. Categories are "The Best Overall" and "The Viewer's Choice". The winner of the category "The Best Overall" will get a gift certificate (min. $21, max $30 - to be confirmed before the submission closes) on myfonts.com where he or she can choose a typeface. The category is judged by the jury.
  5. 10 artworks will be chosen to be printed and exhibited on the walls of the stairway (two per stair-well). The authors will get their credit and may come and visit the exhibition as well as the Haus ( and get a free beer ;) ).
  6. There is no limit in the number of artwork you submit. It can be one or hundred.
  7. The jury members can not take part in this contest.
  8. The deadline is April 27, 2004. The last submission - April 27, 2004 @ 23:59:59 GMT
  9. The winner(s) will be announced shortly after the deadline.