xtati.com grid contest
the contest
Welcome to the xtati.com grid contest.
A bit of history will probably clarify, what's going on here.
I am a media designer working in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In the last 8 months I've spend the amount on money on books I'd never spent before. Quite a lot. And I am happy with that. Somehow - I am not sure if I should go that deep in the details - I got a spare copy of the book called "Making and Breaking the Grid". I may asure you, that I didn't steal it, a child didn't drop a tear and no animals were killed for this book. It's just there. Still unpacked and all crispy.
Now, I am no millionaire, but I am pretty sure I don't need two copies of the same book. As I am strange enough not to give it to a friend or just throw it away, I've thought, that it would be better to play with it. And here we are.
Thanks to YH pips for the ideas. I would die in agony, if not their help.