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the winners
True, it was really hard to pick only one artwork out of all 42 submitted during the month. I must thank Rene for helping me to go through all this and decide in favor of one. Finally, the book will find its owner.
Best Overall
Russ Yusupov  [url] The Winning Cover
Viewers' Choice : Maximum Average
Russ Yusupov  [url] The Cover with 4,136 out of 5 with 44 votes
Viewers' Choice : Maximum Votes
Damir  [url] The Cover with 47 votes
How did we do it?
We tried to come up to the whole judgement process as sober and logical as we could. There should be no typos and no spelling errors. The type should be readable and not misleading. The whole design should work as one. We've also tried to imagine everything as an actual cover for the book. Some of the submissions were very nice but would probably not work as a cover if printed.