xtati.com grid contest
the rules
So, the rules.
  1. Anyone can take part.
  2. The idea behind the contest is to design a cover for the book "Making and Breaking the Grid". The cover won't be used in the production of the book.
    • It shouldn't be both front and back. Just the front cover will do.
    • The author's name is Timothy Samara. The publisher is Rockport Publishers and it has all copyright regarding the editiion of this book.
    • Publisher's logo as well as other copyrighted material won't be provided. I do not want to get into all that leg(th)al stuff.
  3. There is only one book to win, "Making and Breaking the Grid", but there will be several winners in different categories.
  4. All expenses on delivery of the book will be paid by the organizator. (Do not hope for the ExtraSuper Schwwoo Overnight Courier, though)
  5. There are two categories to win. "The Best Overall" and "The Viewer's Choice". Only the winner of the category "The Best Overall" will get the book. The category is judged by the jury.
  6. There is no limit in the number of artwork you submit. It can be one or hundred.
  7. Copyright for the submitted artworks are kept by the author of the artwork. No previously copyrighted artwork may be submitted.
  8. The jury members can not take part in this contest.
  9. The deadline is June 19, 2003. The last submission - June 19, 2003 @ 23:59:59 (central european time)
  10. The winner(s) will be announced shortly after the deadline.